What are the implications to ignoring your classified plant?

Oct 15, 2020

Classified Plant makes sure that your plant conforms to Australian Standards and applicable regulations and due to the dangers of the plant and the potential to cause damage, it should be regularly inspected.


You have you environmental approvals sorted, your DMIRS Project management plan is signed off. The boats are on their way, product is on the ROM.

‘what about classified plant?’ someone mentions in the morning meeting. Silence…………..


So, what IS a classified plant? 


If classified plant is not registered or inspected according to applicable regulations and statutory law, this can lead to significant individual employee and company fines per offence.

Fines from DMIRS can affect your company’s reputation with the regulators and the community. Companies operate under a set of company values where compliance and safety are paramount. Fines from a regulator will be reported all the way to board level and shareholders. Meaning, a decision made on the ground to not inspect classified plant due to time pressures, economics or a lack of understanding can have far reaching consequences.


Who actually carries the responsibility and gets the individual fine?


On a mine site its the Resident Manager, who is likely to be unimpressed with unwanted attention from DMIRS.

Unwanted attention aside, classified plant is considered high-risk plant and equipment that can be hazardous, particularly if its design, testing, operation or maintenance has been modified or compromised.

If an accident or worse a fatality happens on your mine site, DMIRS are going to conduct an investigation of equipment and records. Absence of records and inspection will build a case for company and employee negligence.


Unsure what the status of your plant and equipment is onsite?


Rapallo’s Asset Management Inspectors and team of Engineers can verify whether your plant and machinery have been designed, constructed and operated within industry standards to statutory requirements.




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