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Rapallo’s team of highly qualified zoologists and ecologists have extensive experience in designing and undertaking fauna surveys to suit a wide variety of client needs. We combine novel methodologies and technology with traditional survey techniques to fulfil any survey aim requested by our clients. We have conducted many surveys in partnership with traditional. We have the capacity to conduct a wide range of fauna surveys from terrestrial and vertebrate fauna to short range endemic (SRE) invertebrates utilising traditional trapping and reconnaissance methods to innovations such as eDNA, remote sensing, drones, scent detection dog surveys, acoustic recording units (ARU), camera traps and DNA sequencing of scat or tissue. Methodologies follow the EPA Technical Guidance Terrestrial vertebrate fauna surveys for environmental impact assessment, DBCA (Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions) and Commonwealth EPBC guidance.

Rapallo hold animal ethics approval from the WAEC and DPIRD and DBCA scientific licences under the Animal Welfare Act (2002) and the Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016).

With the establishment of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act (2021), we are also collaborating with traditional owners on country mapping and documentation of indigenous ecological knowledge (IEK) to set the baseline for cultural heritage management plans.

Services include:

  • Basic fauna survey
  • Detailed fauna survey
  • Targeted fauna survey (including but not limited to: greater bilby, northern quoll, great desert skink, brush-tailed mulgara, spectacled hare-wallaby, southern whiteface, malleefowl, Pilbara leaf-nosed bat, Pilbara olive python, ghost bat, host ant colony searches [Camponotus sp. nr. terebrans for Arid bronze azure butterfly], Princess parrot, Sandhill dunnart and Grey falcon.)
  • Preclearance surveys and monitoring surveys for threatened species
  • Country mapping and documentation of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in collaboration with traditional owners
  • On country threatened species strategies
  • Development of fauna baseline survey strategy
  • Peer review of fauna survey reports and ecological baseline strategies
  • Threatened species management plans
  • Bird and Bat Management Plans (BBMP) for renewable energy projects such as wind farms.

Our specialities include:

  • Level 1 vertebrate fauna surveys (habitat assessment)
  • Level 2 vertebrate fauna surveys (comprehensive trapping)
    • Targeted surveys (Northern Quoll, Crest-tailed and Brush-tailed Mulgara, Grater Bilby, Pilbara Olive Python, Pilbara Leaf-nosed Bat, Ghost Bat, Chuditch and Malleefowl)
    • Annual Monitoring Surveys
    • Motion Detecting Camera Surveys (MDC)
    • Pipeline clearance
    • Pre-clearance surveys
  • Level 1 Short range Endemic Invertebrate surveys (SRE)
  • Level 2 Short range Endemic Invertebrate surveys (SRE)
    • Troglofaunal surveys
    • Stygofauna surveys
    • SRE habitat assessment and risk assessment

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