Environmental Approvals


Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s) are often required for new developments within Western Australia and must be submitted to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for approval. EIA’s evaluate the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development both beneficial and adverse. Navigating the EIA approval process can be stressful and confusing if you are unfamiliar with the nuances or the process and the environmental risks to consider.

Rapallo’s environmental team has broad experience developing and submitting EIA’s for sites in across Western Australia. Call us to today so we can assist you submitting a compliant EIA to the West Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) without delays to your project.


The environmental approvals process in Western Australia is complex, but our team at Rapallo have a wide amount of experience in navigating the West Australian Environmental Protection Act (EP Act) and Commonwealth (EPBC) regulatory systems to make the process of conducting environmental impact assessment and gaining environmental approvals easy and timely for our clients. We can provide strategic advice on ecological baseline survey level and timing dependant on project design, scale, and potential impacts. We can assist you through various formal EIA permitting processes such as: EP Act Part IV and Commonwealth EPBC referrals and secondary permitting: DWER works approval and licensing, native vegetation clearing permits, DMIRS program of works, mining proposals and compliance reporting, to name a few.

With the proclamation of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act (2021) and the establishment of Local Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Services (LACHS) we are aiding aboriginal prescribed body corporates (PBC’s), native title holders and knowledge holders. In particular, providing third party comment on Part IV EPA Environmental Review documentation (ERD) and Commonwealth EPBC referred project applications that fall within native title lands as well as works approval and licencing, NVCP applications, exploration programs of works, mining proposals and programs of works and review of renewable energy project EIA documentation (wind farm and solar).

Rapallo also provides comments for LACHS and PBCs on environmental aspects of Cultural Heritage Management Plans or agreement making documentation relating to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act.

Services include:

  • EP Act Part IV Environmental Review documentation
  • EP Act Part IV 45C applications
  • EP Act Compliance Annual Reports (CAR)
  • EP Act Part V Works Approval /Licence applications
  • EPBC Referral and supplementary information
  • EPBC Compliance reports including annual reports
  • DMIRS Mining Proposal applications
  • DMIRS Programs of Works applications
  • Native Vegetation Clearing Permit applications
  • Environmental risk assessment and due diligence
  • 3rd party review of proponent documentation for LACHS and PBCs.
  • 3rd party review of baseline studies for environmental impact assessment
  • Assistance with the environmental aspects of Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP) or agreement making documentation relating to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act.

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