Labour Hire & Supervision

Rapallo understand that site is where the ‘rubber hits the road’ in terms of project success. The best planning and engineering capabilities will not guarantee success unless you have quality people on the ground to get things done. Rapallo mobilises fully supervised, highly skilled and experienced trades professionals to sites around Western Australia. Our experience includes labour hire for shutdowns and projects, as well as the supply of skilled trades for client secondments.

Maintenance & Shutdown Planning

Rapallo takes a holistic approach to shutdowns and maintenance projects, with experienced planners who understand the importance of staging and scheduling work efficiently, as well as what to do when things don’t go as expected. Our planners are available to coordinate and schedule your discrete projects, working closely with your execution team. Our planners can assist with the roll out of CMMS packages, optimisation of existing packages or troubleshooting in general.

Construction Management

Rapallo Construction Managers are adept in running day to day site operations for projects large and small, with experience grounded in operations. Rapallo Construction Managers can manage internally supplied crews, or act on behalf of the client managing and overseeing sub-contractors on your site. Rapallo places a high degree of importance on safety and quality and will uphold these values on site using documented management systems.


Shutdown Support
Engineer Secondments
Mine Redevelopment





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