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Project Management Services

Every project has unique requirements, and thus requires a specific approach to achieve the goals and objectives for that project. Projects often require the input of multiple stakeholders from different fields or organisations, it is the role of the Project Manager to bring these groups together to form a successful project team. The Rapallo project management team are industry experts that always deliver results to a high standard and in many cases the Return On Investment (ROI) for the project will increase through the improved control of project scope, schedule, cost and quality that Rapallo can deliver.

Development of Project Management Processes & Frameworks

If a client does not have an existing preferred project management structure, Rapallo can help develop this with the client and select an appropriate format and structure suited to the complexity and nature of the project. Rapallo has worked alongside clients in the past to develop customised project management frameworks that consider the formality and complexity of approvals to ensure consistent quality outcomes are planned and then achieved.

Project Team Secondments

Rapallo can provide white collar secondments of Engineers, Project Managers and Planners to immediately alleviate any shortfalls in your in-house engineering or project management capacity. Our staff can integrate seamlessly into your business and work according to your internal procedures or frameworks, whilst still providing the efficient quality expertise Rapallo is known for.


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