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Reliable equipment is paramount in every aspect of business, but especially when it comes to plant and machinery where a single breakdown can cause the shutdown of an entire operation. The only way to pick up problems before they arise is through proper inspection and maintenance of your equipment.

Statutory Inspections

All Rapallo inspections comply with local regulations including Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations [2022] and Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations [2022]. Additionally, our team are experts in navigating the requirements of Australian Standards, having expert knowledge of AS1210, AS/NZS 3788, and AS2550 among others. Whether it’s a commissioning inspection, drill rig Inspection, pressure vessel inspection, major crane inspection or anything else you can be sure Rapallo has got you covered.

Duty of Care Inspections

Rapallo has a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals that are experts in the inspection of plant and machinery. Our team inspects all equipment from cranes to vehicles to pressure vessels. With our support team of degree-qualified engineers and NATA accredited NDT (Non-destructive testing) technicians you can rest easy knowing Rapallo’s inspection team has the support it needs to deal with any and all issues that are found throughout any inspection..

Cloud-Based Inspection Platform – Trojan

Our clients get access to our propriety cloud-based inspection platform Trojan. This platform provides an intuitive user-friendly way for Rapallo’s clients to access and manage their inspection reports. Using this platform, Rapallo inspectors link all relevant documentation to a specific inspection so that anybody viewing the report can see all the information at any time. Additionally, this platform links past inspection reports, so you have the complete inspection history just a click away.

For more information about our inspections, or to organise an inspection for your assets contact Rapallo.

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Vessel Inspections
Isotainer Remediation
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