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Rapallo brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the flora of Western Australia from our team of botanists and ecologists. With a diverse background of experience; from the private sector, to state government agencies and research bodies, together we can provide detailed, quality advice regarding flora and vegetation surveys and along with innovative solutions to complex issues arising from unique assemblages of flora and fauna. Rapallo’s Botanical team can design and deliver flora and vegetation surveys and assessments at all levels, from baseline surveys through to monitoring as per the EPA Technical Guidance: Flora and Vegetation Surveys for Environmental Impact Assessment utilising traditional relevé and quadrat-based methodologies to innovations such as remote sensing, and drones.

Services include:

  • Basic flora and vegetation survey
  • Detailed flora and vegetation survey
  • Targeted flora survey (threatened species, priority and threatened species ecological communities, weed surveys)
  • Groundwater dependent vegetation surveys
  • Pre-clearance surveys and monitoring surveys for threatened species and communities
  • Development of flora baseline survey strategy
  • Peer review of flora and vegetation survey reports and ecological baseline strategies
  • Threatened species management plans
  •  Country mapping and documentation of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in collaboration with traditional owners
  • On country threatened species strategies

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