The Role of a Project Manager

Mar 15, 2021

The role of a project manager is obviously to manage projects, but what exactly does that entail?

Well, a project manager is responsible for the entire project from scope creation to close out. Over a projects life time, the project manager will wear many hats, and being involved in a multitude of things as they manage the various aspects including scope, cost, schedule, quality, resources, stakeholders, subcontractors, design, risk, and more.

A good project manager

They should be the main point of call for any project, if you want to know what is going on then speak to the project manager. They are the ‘glue’ that will hold all the different parts of the project together and make all the different teams stay on track to reach their shared goals.

Maintain quality 

An example of where a project manager can have a positive impact is the spot where quality and cost meet. A quality manager may be focused on maintaining the highest quality of product at all costs, whereas an accountant may be focused on minimizing costs and cutting away everything they deem as ‘nonessential’. In this situation the project manager will act as a mediator, and make sure a reasonable compromise is reached where a conclusion is reached quickly, both parties are satisfied and cost and quality are both optimized based on the requirements of the project.

Utilizing experienced, qualified, and competent project managers will always pay dividends in the long term by making sure that all the parts of the project work together like a well-oiled machine. This can be seen in the form of cost savings or the completion of tasks ahead of schedule, however they can also create benefits that are not easily noticed such as a higher team satisfaction, or a lower rate of incidents.

We can help

At Rapallo, managing projects is our bread and butter, we have multiple staff members qualified in project management with years of experience. Contact us now to see how we can assist in your next project.




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