The Pilbara Linen Project

Apr 6, 2022

Linen to the rescue! Western Australian charities gifted thousand of linen items thanks to Rapallo Perth.

Have you ever stayed in one of those mining camps in Western Australia’s Pilbara? Many of them are mini towns, with hundreds of people staying in hundreds of rooms which equates to thousands of towels, sheets, doonas, shower curtains, pillowcases.

What happens when all this linen becomes a little too worn. Unsure what the contractual agreements are but there must be a certain stage in the linens lifecycle where it becomes taken “out of service”. Where does all the used linen go? Where does the linen go when camp providers change?  Hopefully not to landfill.

The Pilbara Linen Project was started by The Mill Point Rotary Club in partnership with Rapallo in 2016.   In the first year, there were 47 pallets of towels, sheets, doonas, shower curtains, and pillowcases bundled up waiting to go to charities to help those in need. To date, the majority of the bulk linen has been donated by FMG, received laundered and in good repair.

In the first year within 24 hours of receiving the pallets of linen at Rapallo’s Perth workshop, the Mill Point Rotary Club had managed to find homes for 80 per cent of unwanted linen.

Quite amazing considering the stats:

Flat Sheets2084
Mattress Protectors123
Pillow Cases2355
Shower Curtains381

So eager were the charities that we had to put some Goldfields charities on a waiting list for the next run where linen was distributed to the Ninga Mia community via local community members. The third time the project was run a sea container was sent to Adelaide and the linen was dispersed overseas and to local south Australian charities.

Transport was gratefully supplied by Toll and the forklift was kindly donated by our friends at Western Botanical.  Rapallo donated time, storage space for linen and transport to Kalgoorlie for dispersal.

The Pilbara Linen Project continues to develop contacts with charities, both in WA,  nationally and internationally. Please get in contact if you have bulk linen to donate or have a need for bulk linen. Finding charities to take the linen can be complicated and takes some logistical planning so we don’t burden charities, overwhelm our volunteers, or fill up Rapallo’s workshop to the brim because transport and storage is often the weakest link.

Some of the Receiving Charities:

Rotary East Timor:

Supports a number of poor villages in East Timor.

Dilli Hospital East Timor:

Free critical health care is provided by 80 Timorese staff and volunteers (including internationals) who care for 200 outpatients per day, successfully delivering more than 100 babies per month and treating 2,500 patients in emergency. The Clinic has 2,000 admissions annually and conducts more than 400 mobile clinics providing 15,000 regional consultations across 11 villages each year. The Bairo Pite Clinic diagnoses and treats more TB cases than any other facility in Timor Léste.

Shalom House:

Shalom House is a men’s residential Rehabilitation Centre located in the heart of the Swan Valley in Perth WA, only 23 kms from the Perth CBD. Our focus is on bringing restoration to the lives of men and families the community.

Mission Australia:

Mission Australia’s integrated services work together to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across Australia, by helping people secure jobs, receive an education, find housing and develop important life skills.  Early intervention and prevention is at the heart of their work.

Nardine Wimmin’s Refuge:

Short term, crisis accommodation for women with/without children (boys under 18 years) who are escaping domestic/family violence.  Services include the provision of, advocacy, referrals, information, practical and emotional support, and assistance to secure long term housing.


Provides health, well-being and capacity building services to people in need so that they can stay independent, in control and make the most of their opportunities and potential. Work within the areas of aged care, finances, Aboriginal family support, leadership training and community amenity.


Is simply focused on supporting those in need, regardless of their race, gender, politics or religious beliefs. Although HOPE was born in response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, this is only one of the ongoing projects being undertaken by the foundation. HOPE is committed to responding to those in need both globally and locally with other projects underway, such as supporting the homeless in Adelaide, assisting impoverished communities in Zambia and funding community empowerment projects around Australia and the world.

United Care:

Uniting Care Australia is the national body for the UnitingCare Network, one of the largest providers of community services in Australia. With over 1,600 sites, the network has 40,000 employees and is supported by the work of over 30,000 volunteers.


Jacaranda Community Centre is a not for profit, grassroots incorporated community organisation that commenced operations on March 20th 2000 and received its notification of incorporation on May 9th 2000. The services provided by the centre were initiated to meet the needs of the people living in the City of Belmont with 80% being Aboriginal and also Aboriginal people from the wider metropolitan area.

Victory Life:

Margaret Court Community Outreach Inc. (MCCO), established in 1999 by Pastor Margaret Court, is the welfare arm of Victory Life Centre and is here to serve and support the community. Support is available to anyone in need of practical assistance. We provide food, clothing and assistance with crisis support, and various other needs. Approximately 30 external agencies, including Family & Children’s Services, Centrelink, Disability Services, Australian Mercy Services, and the Salvation Army refer people to MCCO.


Parkerville Children and Youth Care respects the rights of children and young people. Our organisation is committed to prioritising their safety and taking every action necessary to provide a safe healthy environment for children and young people to thrive.

Borderless Friendship:

Supports over 300 orphans in Northern Thailand. Many have little or no bedding. Singapore and Thai Airlines have been approached for transport.


A drop-in centre in Northbridge that supports youths living rough in Perth.

Esther Foundation:

Provides residential housing and support for 50 at-risk young women in Perth with no government help.




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