Scope Management

Jul 19, 2021

Project Management – How to manage scope.

Scope Creep. It’s a term that every project manager has heard and had to deal with, and it easily demonstrates just how important the proper management of a projects scope really is. However, to manage something properly, first you must understand it, so what is a projects scope?

Simply put, the project scope is exactly what will be completed as part of the project. For example, if you ask Rapallo to come out and inspect a pressure vessel, we could do an external inspection, or an external/internal inspection, what exactly is to be delivered is the scope of works and by appropriately defining the scope both parties will know ahead of time exactly what is to be delivered at project close out.

If you make sure that everybody knows what is to be delivered upon project close out before any work goes ahead then you are already playing a part in managing project scope. Making sure everybody knows exactly what to expect is the most important part of managing scope, this clearly detailing any exclusions or add-ons before work is to commence.

Despite this, even the most well-defined projects will often experience scope creep. Scope creep is when mid-way through a project the scope is expanded. In the example of a pressure vessel inspection the site owner could decide they need a second vessel inspected at the same time. Some project managers think they need to avoid scope creep, however this isn’t always the case when managed correctly scope creep can benefit everybody involved in the example of our pressure vessel, if the client gets a second vessel inspected and Rapallo generate further profit everybody benefits, however if improperly managed, scope creep can result in disaster.

It is the role of the project manager, to monitor and control the project scope making sure that any changes occur in such a way that all involved parties are informed and understand exactly why, how and what is changing. Changes in scope should primarily be performed to benefit the overall project.

The team at Rapallo is full of qualified project managers who have extensive experience managing projects and their scope. Our team can assist with any project big or small, contact us today to find out where we can assist with your next project.




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