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Rapallo was engaged by a Junior Gold Mining company to dewater a disused underground mine to allow for re-entry and exploration.


Engineering Design


Project Management
(Tendering & Procurement)

Site Execution

Engineering Project Lead

The overall mine dewatering system consisted of two submersible bore pumps lowered 190m down into the existing mine vent rise, powered by two diesel generators, in order to pump mine water to the surface manifold. From the surface, approximate 4km of pipework and valving was installed along a bunded pipe routes to enable the water to be discharged into three available open pits for water storage. Assisted evaporation systems were installed in two locations to aid the limited available water supply capacities.

Rapallo was the overall engineering lead for the work, not only did our team schedule and manage the overall works of the project but we also did the Engineering design of the complete pumping system including:

  • Re-establishment of the vent rise collar
  • Pipework design, pump calculations
  • Design of the bunded pipe route
  • Design of scour pits
  • Valving selection
  • Assisted evaporation calculations

Additionally, Rapallo managed the pipework, valving and pumping suppliers, the entire tendering process, contract negotiations, and the mobilisation of all staff to site. Finally we also provided support throughout the entire construction process and managed the commissioning on site. The project was completed successfully on a very tight timeline to meet client objectives, with the system commissioning completed and many of the people involved flying home on Christmas eve!



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