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Rapallo was able to respond quickly to our client’s request to provide immediate and ongoing monitoring of an autoclave

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Ongoing Monitoring of an Autoclave

Being the only provider of Acoustic Emission technology with in-house facilities in Western Australia, Rapallo was able to respond quickly to our client’s request to provide immediate and ongoing monitoring of an autoclave. This monitoring was done to provide data that would allow our client to:

  • Improve reliability, by increase the MTBF (Mean time between failures)
  • Extend production time by increasing the period between maintenance shutdowns
  • Reduce the shutdown time for each shutdown

Acoustic emission technology works by monitoring for acoustic events that are created when cracks and formed or grow. One unique advantage of acoustic emissions is that through 24/7 monitoring our team can determine exactly when failure occurs. Once the time and location of a defect has been established this can be compared to other collected data such as that collected from a SCADA system, this can then determine exactly what is the cause of failure.

Through this process Rapallo was able to determine exactly what things would likely result in a failure of the Autoclave and advise on maintenance to keep the system operational for longer.



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