Ball Stud Inspection – Ultrasonic Testing of Ball studs of CAT® Mining Trucks

Jun 21, 2021

Ball Stud Inspection – Ultrasonic Testing of Ball studs of Mining Trucks 

Heavy earth moving machinery such as CAT® Mining Trucks contain ball studs which connect the steering linkage which is a key component in these trucks. There are eight ball studs per truck and their sizes are different according to the truck model.  Failure of this component during normal use is unacceptable and can cause serious accidents. To prevent the failure, these ball studs may require ultrasonic testing every 1000 hours to determine whether they are cracked or not.  

The main advantage of the ultrasonic inspection (UT) is that this procedure does not require to remove the ball studs from the truck to do an inspection. It can be done on the haul road, in the parkingin the workshop or in the pit 

Rapallo does ultrasonic inspection by using high frequency sound energy to conduct the testing and then make the measurements if any defect found. Rapallo uses highly experienced ISO 9712 certified UT technician and advance Ultrasonic Flaw Detection equipment to provide this service at Perth, Kalgoorlie and across the Goldfields-Esperance region.




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